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We always try to work on innovative products for online community; build complex systems and custom solutions. We try to work only on interesting projects that inspire us, providing individual support to our clients that share their experience working with USWebStyle.

If you are interested in our products or want to order custom solution, just drop us a line!

UseResponse - Feedback, Help Desk & Knowledge Base

Collect and manage different types of topics at one place providing brilliant customer feedback support. Hosted on your server, it provides you with full source code and 100% customization.

Rename any wording, customize UI, share files, provide live chat support, and much more with UseResponse - Customer Feedback Software

Singular - Open Source CMS/CMF
Private Objects

This is all-in-one package to provide support to your customers.

Organize community within services you provide or products you sell with ability to vote for responses!

activeCollab Modules

activeCollab is flexible project management system that allows any type of companies or freelancers manage projects efficiently.

We’ve been using activeCollab for more than 5 years and couldn’t stay aside from tweaking it for aC community and our internal needs, so we listened the requests and launched 14 activeCollab modules along with Master Collection to save 70% for those who are interested in more than 1 module.

activeCollab modules

More than 90 clients are satisfied with our custom modules developed for their specific needs.

Find more detailed information about ready-made activeCollab modules or check modules demo

If you are interested in activeCollab Custom Modules Development, or aC Customization feel free to use contacts form.

Singular - Open Source PHP Engine (CMF)

Singular - Open Source CMS/CMF

SingularCore engine is a fine product powered by Zend Framework that provides instruments to create complex custom solutions where standard CMS's won't work or where you need too much customization in popular engines.

SingularCore has full themes, localization support and it's open source. Many tools will help any Zend or PHP Developer build custom solutions quickly and without any time loss; start easily working with the system as it's documented; publish and share tweaks and changes to the community.

Singular will be ideal for products development that would be the best instrument for small web development companies and freelancers to use as internal CMS or website builder.

Websites, web projects of any kind, easy integration into popular web services - this is only a short list of features SingularCore was developed for.

Try it on official SingularCore website for free!