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Clean Republic

ZF, jQuery, HTML, Authorize.net

Client Name: Michael Shope, Clean Republic

Info: Clean Republic works on alternative energy products and needed new design to be created and incorporated into their website developed on Network Solut...

Skiliks Video


Client Name: Maria Gorina, Skiliks

Info: Promo Video for Skiliks - The easiest & most reliable way to discover your people management skills online!

aC Modules Video Tour


Client Name: Internal Needs

Info: Promo video for our activecollab modules with quick tour of main features of each module. Learn our modules in less than 3 minutes.

UseResponse Promo Video


Client Name: UseResponse

Info: Customer Feedback Software, Helpdesk, Live Chat & Knowledge Base that can be installed on your server with open code

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Tim Lymberopoulos


"Speed: They respond to tasks, requests, questions and information as if they were down the hall.   Skilled: Not only have our expectations been met, but in many cases, they have been exceeded.  Professional: The team has been very courte...