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Founded in 2004 from experienced IT specialists, USWebStyle, Inc provided marketing and development services to small business in USA and Canada. Since then: we extended our list of Services and Team providing our clients amazing support;  developed several Solutions for business niches; partnered with leading IT companies, that ensures stability and reliable business relationship. Currently there are 18 IT pros with head office in NY, USA and development team in Minsk, Belarus (Europe).

Our commitment to each client, Workflow, strong methodology and new ideas make your business profitable and allow us provide top-notch services with acceptable rates. Don’t waste your time and request Free Estimation of your project, hire Offshore Dedicated Center or Contact Us.


Stas Kuzma
Stas Kuzma,
Products & Support

It was 2004 when the idea of a strong, reliable company that brings new ideas and magnificent web services to its clients was born.

Taking all newest trends in Web, he incorporates fresh ideas into working instruments.With degree in Business Management and Information Technologies he applies all his knowledge in new Product development to bring innovative solutions to online community.

Paul  Yakubets
Paul Yakubets,

Starting his IT road from simple projects as a hobby, Paul grew to an experienced Master Degree.

Paul’s responsibilities include but not limited to consultations of developers on implementing complex solutions, company trainings with development team to improve quality and efficiency of scripts development, and architectural design of high-load projects.

Vitaly  Shevchenko
Vitaly Shevchenko,
Project Manager

Being Projects Manager, Vitaly tries to create best plans for big projects stimulating the team to work effectively, quickly and meet the deadlines.

He is always passionate about finding solutions in obscure situations that he loves the most when it comes to projects' progress and meeting the deadlines. Moreover, he is talented in managing about 6 projects simultaneously.

Anna  Yakubets
Anna Yakubets,
Business Analyst

Successful project development requires experienced Business Analyst. Anna always takes efforts to put client’s ideas into paper with wireframes, prototypes, preparing full project documentation.

And she succeeds as without her approach, thinking outside the box and genius Business Analysis - the projects most likely be just another domain at www. Detail-oriented management and high qualification in various businesses are only a few of her strong qualities that make Anna a godsend to provide irreproachable services.