UseResponse 1.0.1

It’s been a month since we launched our Customer Feedback Software – UseResponse. And since then we have been working hard on new features as well as fixes and usability improvements.

There are more  than 50 tweaks and bug  fixes in 1.0.1 release. And we are glad to provide all our contributors and current customers with Newsletters and SiteMap modules that can be downloaded from License Manager Area.

Full Release Notes | Upgrade Instructions | Admin Manual

Improved Cache Management

The new version of UseResponse is now 30-50% faster due to improvements and optimization of the cache environment. All blocks now are cached on front-end:

  • Home page;
  • Responses list page;
  • Breadcrumbs;
  • Full Response page.

Better Quick-Search Feature

Among usability improvements, we have been working on improving the process of creating new responses.In 1.0 version the search results were returned on the search results page, and in 1.01 we have implemented Ajax search, without page reload, and usability improvements.  This feature is done to reduce the number of duplicate responses added, and help users easier and faster find what they are looking for:

Categories Icons & Filters

Categories icons are now larger (32×32 px) and look more nice on the main page. When going to the categories page, you can now not just filter responses by categories, but also view all uncategorizedresponses.

We have also improved text formatting in the widget, as well as responses, and comments. Now if there are any attachments to the response description or to the comment, links to these attachments are also included in the email notification. Several attachments in response are now open in several browser tabs.

Further Plans & Extras

During this month we were also working on such  new features and modules:

  • Chat (will be released later in 1.1);
  • Developer API;
  • Auto-Updater for UseResponse;
  • Sitemap Module (available for download in Extras area) – all users with active license has access;
  • Newsletters Modules (available for download in Extras area)  – all users with active license has access;
  • Admin Manual – we’ve finished our administration manual that will help configure your system.

In the long run we are planning to add lots of other features, finish User Manual and publish Module Development Guide that would improve your customer support and integration with 3rd party systems.

Bug Fixes

Most of them concern System Localization:

  • Fixed bug when admin changes languages several times and it didn’t clean browser cookies
  • Fixed minor translation issues in the system with several additions to dictionaries
  • Some translations in Category dictionary couldn’t be saved
  • Fixed meta-title display that contained special characters
  • Some untranslated messages were logged in system.log without any reason
  • Fixed doubled system dictionary in localization after system installation

Bug fixes in Private Objects module:

  • Users could see private categories without having permission to see them
  • When editing private response it changed to public visibility

Login Plus module:

  • In Login Plus when you add response or comment and want to login with Facebook it showed home page content inside in IE9
  • Fixed Google Login in Login Plus module: window size, export of avatar, 2nd authentication

There also were some browser compatibility tweaks, some fixes in Backup module.

24 Jan 2012
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