ToDo Module for activeCollab

ToDo is a task manager that is not connected to projects directly, but is useful when you should have a number of tasks to be completed during a day. With flexible settings you won’t miss things while your phone conversation, or when you have tons of things to be done.

Plan your or other users day better with simple Plan Builder. You’ll be notified about your ToDo’s in advance by email or just sound notification when you are in the system.

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Creating ToDos

You are on phone discussing project, or you are working in the system and have a phone call about other stuff than projects. Just add several ToDo’s by clicking on ToDos link!

It will automatically be assigned to you or click on advanced options to assign, categorize, due date, due time, notify in advance with sound or emails.

There are advanced options where you can select assignment to specific user, Due On Date and Time and optional notification.

Any ToDos can be categorized to keep them in order. Just use Manage Categories link.

Once you complete any ToDo, it’s moved to archive, where you can also restore it to previous state.

ToDo->Tasks Conversion

When you select several todos, you can perform several actions with multiple todos, like move to trash, complete, and conversion into specific project task.

Select several ToDos and select ToDo-Task option. In the pop-up select required action.

Note: this option will work if you have Tasks module installed in the system

Building Daily Plan

Recently, we’ve brought to the community new feature called “My Plan”. With plan feature, you can organize daily plan for yourself of any other user in the system. Daily plan is the list of ToDos that you build for the users from Tasks, ToDos, Assignments in the system.

Easy to use Plan Builder allows you to add any tasks, todos or assignments to any day for the user. So it will be visible what he should work on for the day or even a week.

By default, my plan shows daily list with ability to go from one to another day or clicking on the date, you’ll be able to select any date to show. But there are also options to display All active or All late objects.

Any object in the list could be rescheduled for another day, completed along with task that it’s assigned to, moved to trash  or edited. Also, any object could be moved to archive or it’s moved automatically, when it’s completed.

Why it saves time?

  1. You are creating tasks with a click of a button;
  2. You can manage tasks without any page refreshes;
  3. It’s customizable, so admin can set default settings and user can override them with his own under profile;
  4. Everybody is notified to not miss it with planner and notify in advance option;
  5. Close, Edit, Move to another category on the go;
  6. Convert ToDo’s into tasks, tickets or comments or create new ticket from the list of ToDo’s;
  7. Build Daily Plan for any user from ToDos, Project Tasks or Assignments;
  8. You don’t have to create any filters, assignments, track the progress – everything is in one place.

In Practice

Example #1: You are always on the run; you have four phones ringing at the same time; clients coming in without appointments being made in advance… And the worst thing is that you need to keep everything in your head, every small detail you might forget can result in unhappy customer reaction.

Todo is just what you need. Quickly add tasks that you can sort out later, when you are not in such a rush. This module allows you to add ToDos as tasks and tickets to the projects later.

Example #2: We always have some office tasks that need to be done, like purchase paper for printer, or call you bank to confirm the payment, or just call one of your potential leads at 3 pm. Create ToDos for yourself and members of your company, and you will have all the things in  order.

Example #3: Use module only for Plan builder for you and other users. So you can go to any project task and add it to users plan. Any user that comes to the office will see his plan created from ToDos, Project Tasks or Assignments. This way they understand what should be handled first and can reschedule easily what can’t be completed during the day.

You can use this module for your personal needs, and create lists of ToDo-reminders sorted by categories. You now have your own planner, and can set the system to remind you in advance that an important call needs to be made, your colleague has a Birthday today, or you are having a conference call with clients in half an hour.

Managing ToDos and My Plan

If you want to create ToDo for yourself that should be completed some day or time, just type in your message and click on enter. Create as many ToDo’s at once as you like each time clicking on Enter or Plus link after typing in each message. To create ToDo in specific category, just click on the category, you want to add it to and click on enter. ToDo will be added automatically there.

If you want to assign ToDo to someone, use planner, click on advanced options. You’ll see assignee field to assign ToDo to someone in your team. Also you can set up Due on Date.

If you have planner enabled in Module Settings, you’ll see 2 extra fields: Due Time and Notify in advance, where you can set up exact time when the task should be completed and when you or assignee should be notified before due time.

Editing or reschedule ToDo is really easy – just click on it and change it. To confirm, just press on Enter.

Settings and Permissions

All general modules settings are located under Administration-ToDo. But specific settings like user categories, archive are different for each user.

In order to allow specific user roles to have ToDo section at the bottom, go to Administration-ToDo Settings and specify the role that can have access, can create or can manage ToDos.

There is also option to switch on or off My Plan feature system wide.


  • You have some unfinished ToDo’s in notification bar, but when you open it, there are no ToDo’s. Check other filters, as the default filter is mine, but maybe you have ToDo’s set to anybody in the list;
  • ToDo Filter: All – shows you all ToDo’s(that you set to anyone or set to you by anyone and you own ToDo’s) in the selected category; Mine – shows only ToDo’s that you set to yourself; – Username – shows ToDo’s that you set to the selected user ;
  • My Plan Filter: By Date  – it’s default state that will show you all objects on daily basis; All Active will show you all objects in My Plan that are not in archive; – All Late – will show you objects that are late in My Plan.
  • Archive: For you to get list of completed ToDo’s, make sure you are located on the right filter and category; To return from archive you need to click back at the bottom;
  • If you are not sure if you set up correct time zone, go at your profile and find Local Time to be sure that Notify in advance option will work correct for you;
  • Notify in advance option will work if you set correctly Scheduled Tasks. Admin can check when frequently tasks were executed last time under Scheduled Tasks or at ToDo Settings.

27 Jan 2014

19 Comments to “ToDo Module for activeCollab”

  • Nice solution for the ones who are always busy to add tasks for themselves and others on the go.

    Feel free to leave your comments and what features you think would be useful to use in this module.

    The module is currently at stage of QA and tweaking, and will be launched October 26-27.

    Your opinion is important to us!

  • Hmm… seems interesting. Will the tasks be importable into a project task list or ticket? That would be an important feature as I see it.

    Now, if you could add tasks by email, you’d really be onto something!

    • Yes, we are thinking about to copy Todo into ticket or convert it. Probably we’ll make it in the next release.

      • Can you let us know if email creation is on the roadmap? We are interested in this module, but only if we can create a todo item from email. Here’s a video of another product that explains what we want to do:


        • Thanks for sharing your ideas, but this is not something we are going to do in the next updates, as you can add tickets into system with Incominig mail module and Tickets, as primarily Tickets are used for Tasks functionality.

          ToDo is an addon to quickly addd tasks with planner and that are not connected to projects directly, through you can convert them into tickets ,tasks or comments.

  • Has the module been released yet? Will it be free?

    Looking forward to checking it out!

    • Module is not released yet, as we try to make it as flexible as it can only be taking all advantages from other project management systems that activecollab miss with it’s ticketing system.
      It will be commercial as all other modules we do for community.

  • Hi, guys!
    Can’t wait to see this module released. When will it be available for the community?
    What the price will be? Are there any discounts?

    • Hi Brian,

      The module is already published, we are just preparing marketing materials.
      The price will be $120.
      All Bundle clients will be given 30% discount, and all users that purchased any of the modules except quick access, will be provided with 15% discount.

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  • Hi, I purchased this module. I am using the Modern theme and the main icon on top isnt showing at all.

    How can I fix it?

  • Wow, that’s exactly what I need!

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  • hi there, is also possible to adjust todo in a way that already existing tickets can be displayed or is just possible in the other way e.g. todo from this module can be transfered into tickets?



    • Hello Robin,
      ToDo are made to make quick tasks without page refreshes categorize and manage them quickly, so currently there is no such feature to control them, as they don’t go into projects directly.

      There is an option to transfer selected ToDo’s into new ticket, add to existing ticket or add it as a task or comment to the ticket with 2 clicks.

  • To organise your tasks better you can also create list and assign tasks to a list and you can set reminders for a todo or task..You can create a task by entering at least a description but you can also provide additional information like priority due date or contact helping you to both managing and executing the task. ….To add a todo you need to click on the Add button which exists in all views as well as in the inbox and outbox..Then the possible fields for entering the task will be visible.

    • Thanks for sharing ideas. Some of these features will be made in the next version