Tickets Reopen & Email Manager modules

We are launching small tweaks that help you improve your work in activecollab system. Email Manager to manage all of your notifications send by the system.

Modules are only for bundle users, so by now we have 10 modules inside that makes it the biggest activecollab bundle in ac community.

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Email Manager

Emal Manager helps you manage all notifications sent by activecollab system in more flexible way. You can setup whether any user group should receive either of email notifications based on Email templates in the system.

When module is installed, go to Admin and find Email Manager icon:

Edit System User role you want to change email notifications to:

Switch yes or no next ot email templates that should or shoudn’t be sent to selected user group and click on submit:

After that you won’t worry if your client is bumped with tons of unneccessary emails.

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22 Nov 2010

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