SingularCore 1.0 – Stable Release

After 1 year of development, we finally release stable version of our proud open source php engine  or CMF that is based on Zend Framework.

All features and advantages over other MVC frameworks plus why it’s saves time developing products and solutions described in post.

So why it’s better than other frameworks or engines?

We use SingularCore on daily basis for any custom solution we build in company. 2 developers work everyday on improving it, writing modular systems.

Basically it’s an instrument for easy and flexible development of any kind of software that includes advantages of several MVC frameworks.

We already built big product based on this engine that got popular since 5 months release date – UseResponse – Customer Feedback Software that can be installed on your server. It’s modular, support themes, quick in customization, easy to localize and much more.

Main Features

SingularCore is not CMS and doesn’t have ready-made backend or authorization form. It’s developed for companies and freelancers to built small or big solutions, products and software for internal needs or for sale. In fact, you can do anything with the help of this CMF – imagine it to be a library over Zend Framework.

Flexibility in Any Software

  • Ready-Made CMF
  • Bunch of special view/action helpers
  • Benchmark component & Debug toolbar
  • Taxonomy based on Nested sets
  • Element-based layout builder
  • Extended users\roles\rights support
  • Authorization system at your hand
  • Flexible ACL integration

Easy Customization

  • Extended module structure
  • Modules replication
  • Create any themes (frontend\backend)
  • Handy Multilanguage\Localization

Improved Performance 

  • All in Cache (DB, layouts\views blocks)
  • Improved Event handlers & hooks with references

Installation & Requirements

Download latest archive from SingularCore website. Extract archive to your server or folder. Enter http://yourwebsite.com/install and follow installation instructions.

Note: Make sure to create database before system installation 

Requirements: PHP 5.2 or later, MYSQL 5.1 or later, Apache (or Nginx, IIS)

Quick Links

Documentation is not complete, but it will give you basics about the development process. More information for Developers can be taken from Developer Manual at  UseResponse website.

Download SingularCore & Release Notes  | Official Documentation | Advantages |


Note: If you have any questions, please use USWebStyle Support Center to get response on your feedback regarding this product.

25 Apr 2012
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