Planium for activeCollab – KanBan & Gantt Chart

Meet Planium module for ActiveCollab!  Planium module brings freedom for visual planning in projects. Now Tasks can be viewed and grouped on KanBan style board or Gantt Chart. These cards represent Tasks with best visual UI.

Every task belongs to certain milestone or category or can have certain label. Planium allows to visually identify them with these dependencies. What is more, you can select Custom view and order tasks in any other way you like.

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Gantt Chart Manual

By default Custom order is set. All open tasks are shown in first column and can be drag-n-dropped to new columns you create. Only Custom view allows adding and deleting columns.


As mentioned above, Tasks can be viewed & grouped in KanBan style by:

  • Milestone
  • Category
  • Label
  • Responsible User
  • Custom order

Columns in Custom view are by default named as All Tasks, Custom 1, Custom 2. Columns names can be changed in all views.

Kanban is a means to fine tuning.


KanBan Card

Kanban card has certain set of elements for easy and quick management + 30% efficiencykanban_card

  • checkbox to complete task right from KanBan board
  • priority indicator (on click can edit it)
  • task title
  • privacy indicator (on click can edit it)
  • assignee(s) (on click can edit it)
  • progress field (estimated vs. logged hours)
  • due date (on click can edit it)
  • Edit button (shown on hover, opens standard Task edit form)
  • color scheme (changed on click or taken from labels, initially colors are predefined in settings and can be tweaked)[see module settings]

Cards can be drag-n-dropped between columns and these changes are automatically applied to tasks in project.

Depending on the selected sorting method in module settings, cards are saved while you move them from one column to another. If there is not enough space to fit all columns, it is possible to make KanBan board wider by clicking Expand on top right. Applied colors and KanBan board position is saved for every user.

Planning Settings

Settings for Planium module are pretty self-explanatory, you can enable and disable KanBan view, set sorting by Milestone, Category, Label, Responsible or Custom order.


 Kanban colors can be taken from labels or predefined colors for cards can be changed and new ones can be added in settings

Reports & Filters


Planium module also adds KanBan View filter in Reports & Filters section and top tab in Projects section. You can select any project and then view all open Tasks in it by:

  • Milestone
  • Category
  • Label
  • Responsible
  • Date

Milestone, Label, Responsible and Category view is the same as in Tasks.

Additional Date filter allows to view Tasks by weeks: select Project, Group by Date and choose a week to view tasks which are due on it.


Planium Module – Read about Gantt Chart in activecollab

Installation & Updates

As any other module in activecollab 3, installation instructions are pretty easy.

  • Unzip archive to any directory on your computer;
  • With the help of ftp client or web interface, upload planium from archive to custom/modules directory. Overwrite all folders if asked;
  • Go to AC-> Admin-> Modules-> Planium and Install it;
  • Go to Administration ->Planium Settings set it up according to your preferences;

Updates & Update Notifications: as any other module from USWebStyle, you’ll be automatically notified about release of new version at Administration -> Modules page to update your current release from Download area with 1 year of free updates.

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