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activecollab converter moduleHow many times did you have situations when you created ticket and it lacked information from one side to even start working on it? How many times you copy/pasted page or discussion content and you needed comments into ticket to provide specific  detailed that you’ve discussed? Now you have Converter!

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20 Jun 2011

Global aC modules updates

We’ve been working very hard during past 2 months on our new big product and concentrated on it mostly. Though we never forgot about our activecollab customers and released new module – Converter, that will be publish during next few days.

16 Jun 2011
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activeCollab Modules Demo

Before buying something we always want to see it that is worth more than hear it 100 times. And if you even touch product on pre-sales period, you’ll definitely know whether you want this product to buy or not.

Today we are launching online demo of activecollab modules for you to be confident in your choice while choosing tweaks to your ac modules.

23 Feb 2011
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Improve activeCollab Search | aC Finder Pro

aC Finder

We are happy to announce that a new activeCollab module aC Finder is now available for free, and that new updated version of it aC Finder Pro is now added to activeCollab modules bundle.

Among the community of ActiveCollab from time to time you can see that people are not quite happy about the search. I am pretty sure, that aC developers are already working on improving the search feature in the new upcoming version but as they do not announce when it will be available for public, we decided to develop aC Finder module to improve the search over the projects.

14 Feb 2011
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All about aC2 Modules Bundle

It’s always a pleasure to have all information in one place. So we decided to describe full details about modules bundle and general information about activecollab modules. What we were really missing, our pricing policy and all details about modules bundle, why it’s worth of buying, buying process itself,  updates and support.

This article gives you idea of all tips, tricks and tweaks in one package to make the right choice of bringing your activecollab system to the next level.

22 Nov 2010