Holiday Update: 6 Modules for activeCollab 3

We are releasing big update of our 6 modules for activecollab 3 with major enhancements in Planium module.

  – Recurring Tasks
  – HR Manager  – Private Comments

Holiday release will make everyone happy who uses our activeCollab Master Collection and activeCollab Modules Bundle.

We are on holidays by 8th January. Feel free to add all requests in our Support Center!!

28 Dec 2012
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HR Manager for aC3

Everybody wants to have all-in-one suite that serves all company needs. For activeCollab lovers, we are happy to announce that aC3 now has such an extension as HR Manager module.

This module will help you organize people management in activecollab 3. It includes salary management, events (vacations), bonuses, days off, etc. and will work for you if your staff is working on monthly either on hourly basis.

7 Aug 2012
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Auto-Reminder in activeCollab

If you have tons of tickets or tasks assigned to you or your staff  it’s really hard not to miss important in the system.

Of course, you have tools at your disposal like Assignments, activity logs, but what if you had some reminder on tickets that are without activity for some period of time? Here where Auto-Reminder helps you…

Download Page | activecollab Modules Bundle

Get inside with more details of Free Module for activecollab

11 May 2012
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SingularCore 1.0 – Stable Release

After 1 year of development, we finally release stable version of our proud open source php engine  or CMF that is based on Zend Framework.

All features and advantages over other MVC frameworks plus why it’s saves time developing products and solutions described in post.

So why it’s better than other frameworks or engines?

25 Apr 2012
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UR: New Features in 1.1 & Extras Area

2 months of getting feedback from our customers and  1.1 is live. Best release since launch of our customer feedback software with tons of new features.

Now anyone can share their extras including translations, modules and themes with others to get maximum of your community.

Release Notes | Upgrade  | Extras Area

3 Apr 2012
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