activeCollab 4 Modules – Experience more

By migrating to activeCollab 4, you get more features inside not only with core system, but with out tweaked modules in activeCollab Master Collection or Bundle that include 15 modules.

We also announce pricing changes and several more updates. Interested? Look inside….

4 Sep 2013
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Easy CRM for activeCollab

Now activeCollab can be more than just a Project Management tool, but also a complete CRM System.

We target to keep all the information about the clients in one place in order to have things organized and easily analyzed to track leads and generate sales. Meet Easy CRM in activecollab 3 that can replace your complex and expensive CRM.

12 Jun 2013
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aC 3.3.x Modules Compatibility

We are excited about new release of activeCollab 3.3.8 Stable and just finished working on our Master Collection update of 15 modules thanks to our community feedback!. Enjoy updated versions by downloading latest releases.

Attention!!! Don’t update modules until you update your aC 3.2.x or earlier to the latest release. Some details about >50 commits in blog details.

8 May 2013
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Master Package Update

2 months were very productive for us and we are releasing 8 modules updates at once before activeCollab  3.3 is live.

Thanks for our community – we know what most users want and improve all modules step-by-step. Don’t miss a chance to upgrade with new features and bug fixes almost inside each of 15 modules in our most valuable activeCollab Master Collection.

19 Mar 2013
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January Update – 4 modules

As usual, we try to improve our modules from month to month and bring new features along with bug fixing in our activeCollab 3 modules and especially Master Collection

Today we have 4 new releases of aC modules: Recurring Tasks, Easy CRM, Private Comments and AutoLogin.

25 Jan 2013
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