New Features in Modules for activecollab 4.1/4.2

With new release of activecollab 4.1 and 4.2, we’ve got several new interesting features and most important for our modules was improved calendar.

If you’d like to know how we integrated Recurring Tasks, HR Manager, Easy CRM and ToDos into it,  you are welcome to read article where you’ll find more details about release notes and details.

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Events and Custom Calendars

To bring new calendar on board, activecollab Team spent tons of hours and we were following this, to incorporate all events from different modules in one place that it was not possible before.

Following modules add custom calendars or events into global calendar with ability to change it:

  • Recurring Tasks – this module will add all recurring templates of tasks into project calendars;
  • HR Manager – all events that are displayed in People-HR Manager calendar, can now be seen on global calendar marked with it’s own color. On People-HR Manager this color is inherited from event color managed in administration area, but global calendar will get colors of that calendar managed when you click on “Edit” next to it;
  • Easy CRM – adds all communications with all users managed at User Profile-Contacts. Of course, users will see only their communications, related to them. Also all dates to remember assigned to users are displayed in calendar;
  • ToDos – you can now also view them in calendar. Only todos with dates and/or time are displayed there set by and to user.

As you can see from the screen above, each calendar has it’s own colors, and can be switched on or off to get better vision and define which events you are interested in, that makes your work more productive.

Release Notes of activecollab 4.1 modules

Other modules also got some new features and tweaks that were missing in previous versions but most of the them have one thing in common – all our activecollab modules in Master Collection are compatible with aC 4.1.x release.

Here are some details about  fixes and tweaks:

 Recurring Tasks 4.1

  • Added 365 days to the Schedule Options select to trigger events every number of months

Chat 4.1

  • Fixed users grouping by roles.

UseResponse Web Connector 4.1

Connector with our feedback, helpdesk and knowledge base software that goes as separate product developed by our company.

  • Added option to retrieve private topics managed at settings;
  • Display topic author on full topic page.

Easy CRM 4.2

  • Fixed Dates to Remember report;
  • Fixed view details of email in user profile.

HR Manager 4.1

  • Replaced calendar to new one;
  • Now calendar can be maximized without side bar.

Planium 4.1

This is the biggest release we were working on for the past 2 months with new Gannt Chart interface that is added to the Kanban cards. It’s now in beta and we’ll make separate announcement when it’s stable.

  • Adds start and end date for tasks and subtasks;
  • Fixed minor issues with cards by label.

Merger 4.1

  • Now estimated time and assignees are also merged in tasks.

Update Instructions

In order to update modules, you need to go to Members area and login with your email or recover password to get new one.

  • Download new module(s) version;
  • Connect to FTP and replace files at custom/modules;
  • Clean /cache folder and compiled templates in Administration or using FTP.

Note: If your subscription expired, please renew it with discount in your Members area in order to get further updates  

If you have any questions or problems, use our Support Center. You are also welcome to share new ideas there.

12 Dec 2013
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