UR: New Features in 1.1 & Extras Area

2 months of getting feedback from our customers and  1.1 is live. Best release since launch of our customer feedback software with tons of new features.

Now anyone can share their extras including translations, modules and themes with others to get maximum of your community.

Release Notes | Upgrade  | Extras Area

Extras Area

Now anyone can download or share extensions, extras and applications related to UseResponse in public on free or commercial basis.

Any user has ability to upload translations, modules, themes or software. With these extensions you can extend your community with more features. Most of them are provided to save your time on extending advanced system options.

Extras Area

As of now, we have 5 extras in the directory:

  • Newsletter Module – to notify your customers or any other users with updates, announcements your company has;
  • Sitemap Module –  generate sitemap automatically and ping search engines on daily basis about updates of your community;
  • Wide Theme – if you want to get all the space out of screen resolution, use that theme that is based on default one;
  • Brazilian Translation – ready to use if you have Portuguese or Brazilian community;
  • Russian Translation – native system support with simplified approach in your Russian community.

New Features in 1.1

So what are major new features introduced in 1.1 release that will get your system to the next level in regards of maintenance and providing support.

Important: Starting from this release we support only PHP  5.3

Auto-Updater & Modules Activation

With Auto-Updater you won’t spend time on keeping your system up-to date. You’ll just need to enter ftp access and update UseResponse automatically once new version is released.


Also, there is a way to save module data without uninstalling it. Just deactivate module by clicking on checkbox next to the module that shouldn’t appear on front- or backend of your community.

Extended Text Area

New text area shows formatting of your entered text right inside area with ability to change view.

Extended Text Area

You can also enter lists, numeric lists and  insert inline images. Previously you could only attach images to the comment or response.

New Sorting Methods & Priorities

Previously there was no way to sort responses on home page and only popular responses were shown there at each response type box. Now you can select several ways like New, Updated or Popular responses to be shown on home page.

There is one more valuable feature like priority. It allows you to manually put response in Top on home page or just never show it there by clicking Down next to response actions. It’s available for Administrators and users with Manage Responses permissions.

Response Home Page Priority

Note: top and down priorities are higher over default sorting options.

Single Sign-On

We’ve integrated two methods of SSO that will give you ability to integrate authentication with your other applications to have the same account both at your community and other solutions.

One Login allows you to  integrate community with the help of Javascript and file written programming language of your application.

Single Sign-On Login

LDAP method is more professional way, though more complex. This method is advised for corporate usage with strict policies if other applications use that method of authentication with the help of LDAP server. Requires LDAP PHP Extention

Other Features

More details about new features mentioned below could be found in release notes:

  • Performance improvements;
  • Search inside widget;
  • Installer Improvements;
  • Views count and history to track progress;

We are satisfied with our results along with our customers after installing our community system. Most of them use it extensively taking all advantages provided in package. Some of positive feedback and testimonials can be seen at out Thanks section.

3 Apr 2012
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