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aC Finder

We are happy to announce that a new activeCollab module aC Finder is now available for free, and that new updated version of it aC Finder Pro is now added to activeCollab modules bundle.

Among the community of ActiveCollab from time to time you can see that people are not quite happy about the search. I am pretty sure, that aC developers are already working on improving the search feature in the new upcoming version but as they do not announce when it will be available for public, we decided to develop aC Finder module to improve the search over the projects.

Selling and Support is Discontinued!

It used to be a nightmare for me to look for projects when I was replacing another Project Manager of our company who has a large stream of projects. Not knowing the titles of the projects for sure was really a problem to scroll through all the pages searching for the one.

From usability point of view 10 projects per page and the navigation through the pages the way it looks now is not very convenient if you have many projects. For this reason we decided to improve the project search functionality to make this process faster and more convenient.

aC Finder is active collab module that is currently available for the community free of charge. You can download it at activeCollab downloads section.

The main function of the module is ability to sort the Projects by titles, and display them by ABC. This sorting works for all the groups of projects and projects by client:

ac Finder

The second improvement is intuitive search of projects in Jump to project area. Open “Jump to projects” pop-up and start typing the project name, the system automatically will suggest you possible options. This make the process of projects access very fast and convenient:

Note, that this version of the module may not be displayed properly in modern theme of activeCollab, and requires some CSS fixing.  This is fixed in Finder Pro.

Finder Pro is released  with tons of improvements that can be found at module page or buy at activecollab modules page.

Note: If you have problems with animation at projects page of ABC, please refer to solution here.

14 Feb 2011
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