Holiday Update: 6 Modules for activeCollab 3

We are releasing big update of our 6 modules for activecollab 3 with major enhancements in Planium module.

  – Recurring Tasks
  – HR Manager  – Private Comments

Holiday release will make everyone happy who uses our activeCollab Master Collection and activeCollab Modules Bundle.

We are on holidays by 8th January. Feel free to add all requests in our Support Center!!


Planium 2.0 – Release Notes

  • Improved UI;
  • Cards can inherit colors of labels set via module settings;
  • When sorted by labels, cards change color when moving to another label;
  • Added Kanban Tasks tab in projects section also;
  • Support of Cards preview like in native activecollab;
  • Added support of on-the-fly edit, log time, due on date, visibility priority options right inside cards;
  • Added sort option of cards by responsible set in settings;
  • Task Progress is now calculated based on estimated/logged hours;
  • Fixed permissions management in cards.

Update Notes – Important: if you have Planium 1.0 module installed, please uninstall it. Upload new files to your server of 2.0 release and install module again.

Chat –  Release 3.1.1

  • Fixed bug when user is logged in with incorrect credentials, there was no notification displayed.


HR Manager –  Release 3.0.3

  • Fixed bug, on some environments Daily Cron sent crash report.


Recurring Tasks –  Release 3.2

  • Templates now inherit time estimates and labels to the created tasks.

Private Comments – Release 3.0.5

  • Fixed bug for email notifications sent to not valid users in some cases.
  • Fixed correct displaying in Notebooks.

Converter – Release 3.1

  • Now converted objects retain object author and initial created date.


All users with valid subscription on updates can go to downloads area and download new versions of the modules.

Thank you everyone who left feedback in Our Support Center 

28 Dec 2012
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