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If you have tons of tickets or tasks assigned to you or your staff  it’s really hard not to miss important in the system.

Of course, you have tools at your disposal like Assignments, activity logs, but what if you had some reminder on tickets that are without activity for some period of time? Here where Auto-Reminder helps you…

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With Auto-Reminder module you can get notified about tickets or tasks that you are assigned to and there were no actions from any subscribers or assignees during specific number of days to force you make any action with tasks that are lost within tons of them.


When installed, you’ll have AutoReminder option in Administration area where you can make module inactive when necessary and set default notification period.


By default, 5 days are set for notification period when you should get email from the system if there were no actions on ticket. You can change default setting to any number.

Note: When module is installed, new email template is created in the system that you can customize to send default notification message.

Reminder Options

When you create any ticket in activecollab 2.x you’ll see extra field – Set AutoReminder. If you check that option you can enter custom reminder text and change default notification period.


For example, you’ve set 3 days. After ticket is created, you’ll get email notification about it with your custom or default message that there was no activity during these 3 days and you need to take some action or leave it alone. Or you’ll get notification after 3 days when the last action took place and in case ticket is not completed.


This module is provided For Free. The only limit is that is shouldn’t be resold or branded as your own. All copyrights are owed by virtual assistant company LongerDays.

11 May 2012
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