All about aC2 Modules Bundle

It’s always a pleasure to have all information in one place. So we decided to describe full details about modules bundle and general information about activecollab modules. What we were really missing, our pricing policy and all details about modules bundle, why it’s worth of buying, buying process itself,  updates and support.

This article gives you idea of all tips, tricks and tweaks in one package to make the right choice of bringing your activecollab system to the next level.

This bundle is deprecated and can’t be purchased. Please click on renewed Master Collection below

General information

  • Bundle includes 12 modules  – 9 public modules available for sale + Private Comments, Tickets Reopen, Email Manager that are only in bundle;
  • Price: $195;
  • 1 year subscription and support for all updates and new modules in it;
  • You get 30% Discount coupon on ToDo Module that is not in bundle in order email right after bundle purchase;
  • You get 50% Discount coupon on Converter Module that is not in bundle in order email right after bundle purchase;
  • All information about any public module is available at our activeCollab Modules page including manuals, buy now buttons, video tours, screenshots and core features. Any extra module could be found in our blog;
  • Refunds: the refund could be provided if something is not working in your system and can’t be fixed not connected to hacks implemented into your system. Note: please make sure you’ve learnt how all modules work described below or relevant modules’ page. You can also contact us to ask any of the pre-sale questions;

Online Modules Demo

We provide flexible discounts on ToDo module if you are our any of modules customer except Quick Access or bundle customers. All about discounts could be found in our blog, or existing customers are notifiied by newsletter, so keep updated.

Why it’s worth to buy?

  • First of all, this is the biggest modules bundle in activeCollab community that takes your management system to the next level;
  • You buy everything in one package and updated, at least, once in a month with full and easy instructions for the updates;
  • With buying bundle or any of our modules you get 1 year subscription for updates;
  • We always tweak modules according to user responses and requests, so we try to adopt to the best management process  with introducing new features with each module update;
  • We never use hacks, so our modules will work on all activecollab systems, even after activecollab updates.
  • Price & Extras: You save more than 50% off the original price of modules + you get 3 extras (Private Comments, Tickets Reopen, Email Manager) that are only available in bundle;

Buying Process, Updates & Support

Buying Process: when you click on “Buy Now” button at any of the pages where you want to buy module, you should go to Plimus cart page, where you are advised to choose payment method and complete your billing details. Once the payment process is completed, Plimus will verify your payment method and you should get email with coupon codes and credentials to download area at USWebStyle website. Please login at any page of our website.

Notes: Order email can contain promo information with coupon codes to other products.

Updates: before any module is updated, we notify our customers with blog post. Any customer can download updates or prolong subscription at download area.

Notes: In rare occasions, archive with product and newsletter can have updates instructions. Please make sure to follow them if there are any to not loose your data;


Support: all modules come with 1 year subscription that includes free updates and support. If you faced any problem with our modules, feel free to contact us  and we’ll respond to you during 24 hours period except Saturday and Sunday or use our Customer Support Center based on UseResponse.


The bundle includes the following modules:

  • Chat;
  • Recurring Tasks;
  • HR Manager;
  • Merger;
  • ShadowViewer;
  • RedirectTo;
  • Quick Access;
  • Auto Login;
  • Finder Pro;
  • Private Comments (only in bundle);
  • Tickets Reopen (only in bundle);
  • Email Manager (only in bundle);

Note: ToDo module is not in bundle and is a big separate solution for planning in more better way.

Here is short description and links to any of the modules included in bundle.


Use Chat to discuss project details with your clients, employees and contractors with ability to track chat history, use project chats and private conversations with any user.

Module Page | Video Tour | Full ManualBuy NowPrice: $95

Recurring Tasks

Create recurring tasks templates based on existing tickets and set up flexible schedule options to create new tickets from templates with assignees, description, due dates and period when template is valid.

Module PageVideo Tour | Full ManualBuy NowPrice: $75

HR Manager

Providing extra features at People section, HR Manager give you flexible instrument to control and calculate salary, based on formulas, events(vacation, away, etc), hours billed, if people are working not on monthly rate but on hourly rate. You can also manage bonuses for each member who can use this module.

Module PageVideo Tour | Full ManualBuy NowPrice: $90


Merge selected tickets, tasks, subtasks in one, with flexible options what exactly should be merged (tasks, description, assignees, comments, etc).

Module PageFull ManualBuy NowPrice: $30


You’ve just installed activeCollab and don’t know how system and project roles will work for your clients and employees? This will be the best module for you to go under any members profile with one click and see how this user sees the system. This will save you much time when you install new modules or set up system initially.

Module PageVideo Tour | Full ManualBuy NowPrice: $45


Redirect to any page in activecollabMost of the clients have only one project that they should have control over. Define the page user should be redirected to right after login temporary or on permanent basis. Each user can select where he should be forwarded to after login, whether it’s projects overview page or any projects tab like Tickets, etc

Module Page |  Video Tour |  Buy NowPrice: $35

Quick Access

With the help of this small module you get extra tab right above the logo to quickly go to any projects tab without any page refreshed and 2 clicks. You won’t wait any longer to get to any projects tab you are interested in.

Module Page |  Buy NowPrice: $9.99

Auto Login

Access the system passing login process by clicking on any link sent to you by activecollab in any email notifications. You login with the rights set in your ac, so you won’t need to worry about the security.

Module Page |  Buy Now | Price: $40

Finder Pro

Find Objects and People easily with advanced features of Finder Pro. 7 great tweaks manageable search features will help you search within any project, object type that will save you much time in everyday usage of activecollab.

Module Page |  Buy Now | Price: $55

Private comments (only in Bundle)

Any project object could be discussed with client if it’s visible to him. What if you don’t want client to see some comments that should be seen only to those members of the company who can_see_private_objects and who have the ability to see private comments? This module will give you the feature of private conversations inside any ticket, page or discussion.

Full Description |  Price: only in bundle

Tickets Reopen (only in Bundle)

Now you can automatically reopen ticket by posting comment at completed ticket manually or with incoming mail module by sending email. You can define whether ticket should be reopened or not.

Full DescriptionPrice: only in bundle

Email Manager (only in Bundle)

Define what email notifications should be sent for each user group, so your or clients inbox won’t be overwhelmed with useless updates, that he is not interested in.

Full DescriptionPrice: only in bundle

22 Nov 2010

22 Comments to “All about aC2 Modules Bundle”

  • Congratulations on launching the big bundle offer Stas. I like many of your modules.

    Your claim of being the biggest bundle in activeCollab community is false though.

    acGarage – our professionally managed activeCollab update system sells for $199, and includes 11 modules and hacks (everything except Planning and Reports modules). Not only that, in that price we also keep the client’s system updated with latest versions of activeCollab and all included modules. So your offer is not certainly the biggest 😉

    BTW, your screenshot above shows many additional modules than the ones listed here. If those modules are not in the bundle, it may be better to remove them from the picture. The picture may mislead potential buyers and leave them wondering why they did not get all those modules.

    Keep up the good work.


    • Hello Nirav,
      Thanks for sharing your ideas on our bundle.
      As per your ac Garage package – you have 11 modules and hacks and that’s true, though we have the biggest MODULES bundle among community, as we prefer to not use hacks in the system that may cause problems with other modules and when ac system is updated!

      + We have ToDo module that is not in bundle, so we are even. 😉

      I’m really glad that activecollab community has so many professional developers to make system flexible and effective.

      • Alright. 10 *modules* in one bundle would make it the biggest bundle. :-)

        On Hacks vs Modules:

        Yes, we use hacks for our products when we can’t deliver the desired functionality without them – e.g. the confidential items module is a combination of hacks and module. Tickets Plus was tightly integrated with Planning Module earlier and we are now splitting it as a separate module. We were hesitant with hacks ourselves when we started, but realized people really don’t have a problem with them as long as they get what they want. Our efforts in maintaining the product increases since we need to keep pace with aC releases.

        On hacks / modules conflicting:

        If two modules compete for the same functionality, there is going to be a conflict. Whether they are hacks or not.

        On activeCollab community:

        Yes, it’s exciting to see many people adding value to activeCollab. This is good for everyone.



  • For the Record I love both of your modules.

  • Why is there a “Meetings” Module showing here, but no documentation etc. on it ?????

    Is this part of the bundle OR NOT ?

  • As you can see, below image it’s stated modules that we’ve developed but not all of them are in bundle.

    The list of the modules that are in bundle stated on the page with detaild and links. We are going to add Finder Pro in bundle and update all bundle users for free.

  • […] We are happy to announce that a new activeCollab module aC Finder is now available for free, and that new updated version of it aC Finder Pro is now added to activeCollab modules bundle. […]

  • I am ordering the aC bundle, but I also need:
    Private Comments
    Tickets Summary

    Are these included? if not, how do I order these?

  • Jossi,
    Private Comments module is in bundle.
    Tickets Summary, Feedbacks and Meeting modules are custom written and are not for sale. But if any customization required or modules development fopr your activecollab – please contact us using form at Contact page.

  • I’m a little confused by some of the modules listed at the top of the page but not found anywhere on website.

    I gather from a response left to a previous commenter that some modules listed are custom modules and are not for sale.

    Those “Missing” modules appear to be:

    SEO Monitor
    Reminder View
    Paid vs Billed
    Filter Groups
    Estimated Times
    Private Milestones
    WHMCS Auth
    Tickets Summary

    Some of the above look useful. Any further information you have on their availability, now or in the future, would be appreciated.

    Alternatively,if they will never be made available for sale it might be less confusing if they were removed from the module bundle page or moved elsewhere on the site, possibly to a custom work or portfolio section.

    Any clarification on the availability and pricing on the missing modules would be appreciated.

  • Jonathan,
    THanks for your opinion, but we’ve written that not all modules are in bundle under the image. Currently there are 12 modules listed in details in this post. Please read post in details.

    Some of the modules are available to download and purchase – Private Milestones could be purchased at activelabs.ca.
    Reminder View could be downloaded for free at ac download section.
    Estimated Time – we tweaked it, but you can find free version using google.
    Other modules are considered to be sold but only with customer approval who ordered other valuable solutions.

    Please use oour contact form if you are interested in any module, and we’ll ask the owner to resell module to you.

    We’ll consider of publishing some of the modules at our portfolio.

  • […] news for all activecollab VIP bundle users. Several Modules in bundle were updated and 1 module was added. You should get email from […]

  • Is the WHMCS Authorization module available for purchase? This would be helpful for us.

    Thank you.

    • Hello Carl,

      Unfortunetely WHMCS is custom written module and not available for sale in public. Please use our contact form to request it and we’ll talk about it.

  • The package includes 1 year support and updates. What happens after 1 year?

    • After 1 year subscription, you won’t be available to download products updates, but you’ll be able to renew the subscription for the next year with 30% discount of the initial price at your profile download area.

  • I must admit, I was confused as others were. This is a page about the AC Bundle and what it contains, not a “look at what we have done custom’ that’s for another page. It was only when I scrolled down past the bottom of the page that I saw the list which now INCLUDES Finder Pro that wasn’t in your image.

    • Nick,
      Thanks for your feedback. I didn’t have a hand in the post for several months already, so I assume that image didn’t reflect the original bundle content. I’ve replaced it and updated buying process as it changed along with customer support center integration and download area. Our clients will be notified about in several days.

      • Thanks Stas, much clearer. I have purchased Finder Pro but would also like to be able to purchase the Private Comments module outside of this bundle, possible ?

        • Nick,
          Private Comments goes as a bonus to all bundle customers and not sold separately.

          Maybe we’ll reconsider the policy of providing bundle to customers and all our modules as soon as ac3 is live, but it won’t happen any time soon.
          If you want to update to bundle, just email us, and we’ll generate you coupon code.

  • Hello,

    We are interested in your AC Bundle an our only concern is that we are also using some other 3ed party modules in ac and do not want to have any conflict in existing modules.

    What if any of your module is not compatible or you know of any issue at the moment.

    We really appreciate your detail answer and also we are interested in your aC -Paid/Billed Module.

    How much that would be and if we can get demo?



    • Hello Niaz,

      Our modules are compatible with latest activecollab 2.3.7 and we guarantee stable work with other popular modules. What we can’t guarantee is compatibility with system hacks in the system that can be used or integrated by other vendors.

      We only use modular system, and don’t approve any usage of hacks because of further system updates and general compatibility.

      As for paid/billed, please email us support@uswebstyle.com regarding this and we’ll provide you detailed instructions.