activecollab Private Comments Module

What activecollab is  really missing  – private conversations inside tasks, discussions, pages and files.

Now you can organize private messaging by commenting with checking Private Comment, so only users with can_see_private objects can see it, even if your clients are assigned to object.

Buy Module – $75 |  Online Demo

How To

1) Install Module and go to Admin->Private Comments to set sorting option:

2. There are 3 sorting options:

  • Native aC – it will sort comments by date as activecollab use it;
  • Visible First – all normal comments will be shown first and only then private comments;
  • Private First – all private comments will be shown first and only then nrivate comments;

3) In settings you can also set default visibility option that will be used every time while adding new comment if you have valid permissions to use private comments.

4) Make sure that can_see_private_objects is set to yes next to the member roles you want private comments to be visible to at Admin->Roles->System Roles-Edit Selected System Roles;

5) If you can see private objects, you are able to publish private comments by checking Private Comment under comment field. You can also sort comments to show only visible or only private.

Module is available in ac Modules Bundle or Master Collection also. You can also check online demo.

8 Nov 2010

6 Comments to “activecollab Private Comments Module”

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  • PLEASE make this a stand alone module, even if it’s $50.

  • Maurice,
    We made Private Comments only as an extra for Module Bundle customers, as these customers get all benefits and discounts on our products.

    We are going to add one more module in bundle – Finder Pro, that will make bundle the best choice in ac market.

  • Its basically so admins can comment about thats going on in a workflow state change without lesser roles being able to see what they said…

  • It’s a real shame that this isn’t available in a standalone version. As we require NONE of your other modules, $200+ for a module simply doesn’t work for us.

    Let me know if you decide to make it standalone.

  • Hello Dave,

    Private Comments is only goes an extra module for bundle users as they are considered VIP users for us. Bundle cost 195 and includes 12 modules, so it’s worth of buying for many of activecollab users.

    As of now we don’t have plans of making that module to be sold as standalone.