activeCollab Master Collection

This collection includes all our solutions for activecollab in one place. In the list there are 14 modules available and some changes that we’ve made in general to make our modules more useful, that will save your time and bring new features into the system.

So what’s includes, general features, short description of what you get and  why it’s worth buying master collection

General Information & Features

Most features could be found in our previous post about ac bundle for activecollab 2 (only several modules) that relates to activecollab master collection, but here are the specifics of current one:

  • Master Collection includes 14 modules that makes it biggest bundle for activeCollab on the market;
  • ShadowViewer module is more useful with ability to return to the administrator profile in comparison to plain login as feature;
  • Price: $495  ($1200 worth package
  • 1 year subscription to updates and support;
  • Refunds: provided in case anything is not working and can’t be fixed due to environment or the module itself;
  • Be up to date: Notifications inside your system about new versions available

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All information, manuals, videos, feature list, screenshots are available in our main activecollab modules page that is updated periodically with new modules.

Master Collection of modules for activecollab

Master Collection (Bundle) includes the following modules and can be updated to include more in future with free updates for customers.

Note: images are clickable

Easy CRM – $240

Manage leads, accumulate email communications with customers, save all history of meetings and other events, track budget history, use extended prifile info with social networks tracking and save attachments in company and user profiles.

Module Page |  Full Manual | Buy Now

Planium – $160

Manage projects with KanBan Board (tasks) and Gantt Chart.

Module Page | KanBan Manual Gantt Chart Manual 


ToDo – $120

Add todos in the system and assign to other users with planner, notifications and My Plan daily plan builder

Module Page | Full Manual 


UseResponse Feedback Connector – Free

Use all information inside activecollab from UseResponse – feedback, knowledge base, help desk











Chat – $95

Talk online, discuss projects, collaborate with instant support inside your activecollab.

Module Page | Video Tour | Full Manual  

activecollab Chat module

Recurring Tasks – $75

Create tasks, subtasks that occur periodically.

Module Page | Video Tour | Full Manual  

activecollab Recurring Tasks - Bundle

HR Manager  – $140

Manage salary, events, vacations, payouts, withdrawals, birthdays,  etc of your staff.

Module Page | Video Tour | Full Manual  

Merger – $30

Merge, tasks, subtasks if you think they are similar with each other in 2 clicks.

Module Page | Full Manual  

ac Merger - Tasks, Subtasks

ShadowViewer – $45

Login as another user and quickly return back to administrator to check set system permissions or roles.

Module Page | Video Tour | Full Manual | 

ShadowViewer, Login As activecollab

RedirectTo – $35

Redirect each user to the page within activecollab for your clients to focus only on project but not lost in the system.

Module Page |  Video Tour  

Redirect To Tab in activecollab

Auto Login – $60

Send all links in email notifications to specific people in activecollab to get inside bypassing login.

Module Page |  Video Tour  

AutoLogin from Email in activecollab

Converter – $40

Convert discussions, notebooks, tasks in any direction.

Module Page  

Convert Objects, Tasks, Discussions Pages

Private Comments – $75

Make comments private discussing private info inside tasks, discussions, notebooks.

Full Description 

activecollab bundle - Private Comments

Email Manager – $45

Define what user roles receive email notifications by choosing  only specific templates to be sent by the system

Full Description  

aC Email Manager to send notifications


To find out the complete module details for activecollab 2, and learn why it’s worth buying bundle to become VIP customer, please refer to all about ac modules bundle article.

Modules Installation

  1. Download archive with module at Our Client Area;
  2. Extract files to local computer and take the folder inside ac3.x and upload to your activecollab installation /custom/modules/;
  3. Go to Administration->Modules and Install required module;
  4. Go to Admin Tools located at the bottom-left under Administrator and Empty Cache, Delete Compiled Templates, Rebuild Images;
  5. Clean Cache in browser and refresh the page;
Now you are able to use your newly installed modules.

Support and Updates

All update instructions are provided inside module archive in readme.txt files. Please read carefully file before update or installation process, as it will take only a minute of your time to make it work smooth.

You can use Our Support Center to leave feedback about modules to share ideas, report problems or ask any questions.

All updates could be downloaded from your Clients Area. The instructions are given in Downloads Area article.

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