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activecollab converter moduleHow many times did you have situations when you created ticket and it lacked information from one side to even start working on it? How many times you copy/pasted page or discussion content and you needed comments into ticket to provide specific  detailed that you’ve discussed? Now you have Converter!

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We continue our series of modules that improve team work efficiancy and now it took us a bit longer to launch new module while waiting for activecollab 3 to come in public and preparing global modules updates.

Converter is a tool to convert all popular projects’ objects in activecollab from one to another providing flexible settings while performing that operation.


All those who purchased activecollab modules bundle will receive 50% discount and the price for them is only $20. All current customers except those who purchased Quick Access, can purchase module for $30.

Coupon codes could be found in reactivated download emails.

Main Converter popup

When module is installed administrator will see Converter icon at the top navigation of activecollab environment. You can set visibility of that icon only for administrator by going to Admin->Converter. All other users even if they are allowed to use this module, will have convert options from Tickets list page and objects details page.

If you want other user roles to be able to use that module, you should go to Admin->Roles and edit System Role. Find can_use_converter and set this parameter to yes.

To convert objects, click on Converter at the top navigation and the pop-up showed above appears. You need select a project, what action you want to perform and select object to convert. You can also move it instead of just copying. At the right side there are options of content that you want to convert along with object. By default they are all checked. In case, when converted object doesn’t have the same field (pages or discussions don’t have assignees, but ticket has), it will be omitted.

There are currently 6 convert actions you can make with objects:

  • Ticket->Discussion;
  • Ticket->Page;
  • Page->Discussion;
  • Page->Ticket;
  • Discussion->Ticket;
  • Discussion->Page.

Tickets list page

You can make multi-object convertion on tickets list page. Just select those tickets in projects that you want to convert to and choose Convert to Discussion, or Convert to Page at the options below:

When you click on Go button, popup window appears with Copy or Move objects option, and what do you want to convert inside tickets.

Convert from Objects page

If you are located on Tickets, Page or Discussion detailed page, you can select convert option by rolling over the button at the top-right side. When pop-up appears, choose whether you want to move it or copy it and what content should be transferred .

Converter Settings

Settings include only one option to switch off top navigation icon to free space at the top bar where many icons are located and use only Converter options from objects detailed page.

For Access and Modern Theme users

If you experiencing problems showing icon in top navigation of these themes, please follow below instructions:

  1. Go to /public/assets/themes/Modern/theme.css
  2. Add the code at line 256 (line 315 for Access theme):
  3. #menu_item_converter span.outer
    { background: transparent url(images/icons/converter.png) no-repeat center 10px; }
  4. Put converter.png image into theme’s images/icons folder (/public/assets/themes/Modern/images/icons)
20 Jun 2011

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