activeCollab 4 Modules – Experience more

By migrating to activeCollab 4, you get more features inside not only with core system, but with out tweaked modules in activeCollab Master Collection or Bundle that include 15 modules.

We also announce pricing changes and several more updates. Interested? Look inside….

Pricing Changes & New Modules

We’ve increased prices to some of our modules because we integrate more and more features into them that make them a complete solutions inside activeCollab that can replace other system that you use. Here are new prices for some modules:

  • Easy CRM  – $245
  • Planium – $140
  • HR manager – $140
  • Modules Bundle – $245
All the rest modules have old pricing.

We’ve also started to sell modules that were only in Bundle or Master Collection. Private Comments and Email Manager. Check the links to learn more about them, but if you want to save check them Bundled or our Top Master Collection that include all modules.

Note: activeCollab Cloud Service officially doesn’t support 3rd Party Modules.

Updated Demo

Finally we’ve found time to update our demo to include all our latest 15 modules. You can check all features of activeCollab 4.0.10 and feel the power of great new features that we’ve brought to such modules as Easy CRM, Recurring Tasks, etc.

Check activeCollab Demo of Modules

activeCollab 4 Compatibility

All our modules were compatible since activeCollab team pushed live stable version. We’ve just publish announce now, as polished some bugs for the past 3 weeks. Below find all release notes for our 15 modules. Some of them are major that worth upgrade.

Note: Modules for activeCollab 3.3.x won’t work in activeCollab 4.

Upgrade Instructions:

To ugrade from activeCollab 3.3.x just take modules from aC4.x folder in archive that contains both aC3.x and aC4.x folders and replace modules folders at your aC installation in custom/modules

activeCollab 4 Modules – What’s New:

Planium 4.0

  • – Compatibility with activeCollab 4.0.7.

Easy CRM 4.0 – 4.1.2

  • Compatibility with activeCollab 4.0.7;
  • Added Communication types management;
  • Now Communications are devided into Contacts and Emails;
  • Fixed Twitter and Facebook activity;
  • Minor UI Tweaks;
  • Files can now be attached to companies;
  • Report – dates to remember from CRM User Profiles.
  • Added CRM Activity in Reports section;
  • Description field in Communications/Contacts area is back;
  • Fixed bug with viewing and creating Quotes.
  • Fixed bug with deleting quotes;
  • Fixed bug with User and Company Files upload.

ToDos  4.0

  • Compatibility with activeCollab 4.0.7.

Chat – 4.0

  • Compatibility with activeCollab 4.0.7.

Recurring Tasks 4.0 – 4.0.2

  • Compatibility with activeCollab 4.0.7;
  • Added report to track all recurring tasks in projects;
  • Improved UI.
  • Fixed bug when private task was taken as a basis for recurring template.
  • In scheduled options it was hard to add only 1st day of month.

HR Manager  4.0

  • Compatibility with activeCollab 4.0.7.

Merger 4.0

  • Compatibility with activeCollab 4.0.7.

ShadowViewer 4.0

  • Compatibility with activeCollab 4.0.7.

RedirectTo 4.0

  • Compatibility with activeCollab 4.0.7.

Auto Login 4.0

  • Compatibility with activeCollab 4.0.7.

Converter – 4.0

  • Compatibility with activeCollab 4.0.7.

Private Comments 4.0

  • Compatibility with activeCollab 4.0.7.

Email Manager  4.0

  • Compatibility with activeCollab 4.0.7.

activeCollab Tweaks 4.0

  • Compatibility with activeCollab 4.0.7;
  • Fixed minor bugs.

UseResponse Web Connector 4.0

  • Redesigned connector home page;
  • Added tab to vew Full Version of community;
  • Ability to Move Topic to Trash in connector;
  • Fixed changing statuses bug only that showed up only in problems;
  • Added in Module Setting option to hide archived topics and define which statuses will be archived;
  • Minor bug fixes.
  • Compatibility with activeCollab 4.0.7.

If you’ve found any bugs, have some questions, feel free to use our Support Center

4 Sep 2013
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