aC 3.3.x Modules Compatibility

We are excited about new release of activeCollab 3.3.8 Stable and just finished working on our Master Collection update of 15 modules thanks to our community feedback!. Enjoy updated versions by downloading latest releases.

Attention!!! Don’t update modules until you update your aC 3.2.x or earlier to the latest release. Some details about >50 commits in blog details.

In general, we’ve tweaked performance of our modules so we have native system performance inherited from activeCollab. We also improved Update Checker in all modules and have done so many bug fixes and tweaks, that we could hardly update releases.

View Official Announcement in our Support Center

Upgrade Instructions

You can download them in your download area. Update is pretty smooth.

  • Just upload new files to custom/modules by replacing current files;
  • Clean cache and compiled templates in control tower and browser cache. If you can delete cookie for current domain, this will guarantee you stable work, though it should be no problems, if you won’t do it.

If you’ll have any problems or questions, please Submit Request to us.

Note: Those users that don’t want to update to latest aC can request previous versions by sending request to support(at)uswebstyle.com

Release Notes

Here is the list of all modules and releases with notes that we’e updated during past 2 weeks with details.

Planium 3.4 – 3.4.4

  • Text colors of labels were not inherited for specific cards;
  • Fixed multiple options js error on Projects tasks page if cookies are not cleaned after kanban board usage;
  • Tweaked project tasks page to get to standard view from kanban;
  • On some environments Cards were not shown in Projects Tasks page;
  • Fixed showing cards on Project Tasks page;
  • Compatibility with activeCollab 3.3.7;
  • On projects Tasks – Open/Completed filter now working with cards;

Easy CRM 3.2 – 3.2.1

  • On some environments Quotes didn’t work correctly;
  • Compatibility with activeCollab 3.3.7;
  • Fixed minor bugs with social activity and uploading files.

ToDos  3.3 – 3.3.3

  • Manage categories didn’t work correctly in most cases;
  • Now Admins can see other users ToDos under User Profile->ToDos tab;
  • Fixed styles of completed/opened ToDos when changing filter;
  • Compatibility with activeCollab 3.3.7;
  • Completed ToDos are now with crossed text in archive;
  • Some UI tweaks.

Chat – 3.3 – 3.3.1

  • Chat made comments section in mobile UI display incorrectly;
  • Minor bug fixes on some environments;
  • Compatibility with activeCollab 3.3.7;
  • Fixed bug when users sender name was taken from admin name;
  • Fixed search in Chat History by dates.

Recurring Tasks 3.4

  • Compatibility with activeCollab 3.3.7;
  • Now subtasks could be edited inside recurring task template;
  • Fixed editing Assignees in created recurring templates.

HR Manager  3.2 – 3.2.2

  • Fixed display of HR Manager and salary pages on People section;
  • Fixed bug with caching on HR Manager page when page wasn’t displayed;
  • Compatibility with activeCollab 3.3.7.

Merger 3.2

  • Compatibility with activeCollab 3.3.7;
  • Subtasks merger bug fixes.

ShadowViewer 3.1 – 3.1.1

  • Fixed bug of showing Login As on People if translations were used.
  • Compatibility with activeCollab 3.3.7

RedirectTo 3.1

  • Compatibility with activeCollab 3.3.7

Auto Login 3.3

  • Compatibility with activeCollab 3.3.7

Converter – 3.2 – 3.2.1

  • Fixed Bug with caching of main converter on some environments;
  • Compatibility with activeCollab 3.3.7;
  • Subtasks Conversion fix.

Private Comments (in-bundle) 3.3 – 3.3.2

  • Fixed issue when using comments in IE8;
  • Fixed visibility link position;
  • Fixed bug in IE8 with login js error;
  • Compatibility with activeCollab 3.3.7.

Email Manager (in-bundle) 3.2

  • Compatibility with activeCollab 3.3.7

activeCollab Tweaks 1.1

  • Compatibility with activeCollab 3.3.7;
  • Improved Alerts on discussions tweak to eliminate duplications of System Notifications

UseResponse Web Connector 2.1 

  • Compatibility with activeCollab 3.3.7

All modules are included in our activeCollab Master Collection that provides access to all tweaks in your project management system. If you’ve found any bugs, have some questions, feel free to use our Support Center

8 May 2013
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