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How we use activeCollab to Manage IT Projects

In this post we will share our experience in managing IT projects with the help of Project Management tool activeCollab.

ActiveCollab is considered to be one of the main alternatives of Basecamp. We have been using aC to manage Web and Software Development projects for about a year. Our company works with clients worldwide and we find it necessary to keep all the information at the same place where it can easily be accessed from anywhere both by team members and clients.

Let us take as an example process of corporate website development.

14 Oct 2010

Setting up your activeCollab

 In this post I’ll try to explain how we set activeCollab and modified it according to our needs. It was a tough challenge to find the right way to use activeCollab for our company to manage team, projects and tasks.
It was 2009 when we started using aC and after 2 months of going different directions we came up what I’m going to present.

How We Did Redesign of Our Website

The process of site redesign was very long, it took us about a year, as we were doing it when we were not overloaded with projects and had some free time.

Maybe this process must have been build in other way, we must have planned a team for a couple of weeks, that would be working on the corporate website and launch it quickly. But we chose another way, with little blood as we say in Russia.

5 Oct 2010
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