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activeCollab ModulesProject Management Software

activeCollab is project management system for Agile management.

Order activecollab customization or development if you feel that activeCollab 4 Modules Bundle is not enough for your system!

With any purchase you get 1 year subscription for free on updates and support!


Master Collection - 4.3.2

Compatible with: activeCollab 3.x,4.x


All 14 modules worth $1200 - ToDos, Easy CRM, Planium, + 11 below.  Great collection of modules in bundle bring your system to the next level of efficiency and management with all-in-one package



Core Features:

The best collection of biggest modules on the market!

Cost effective solution to replace expensive software

Have all solutions at one place with Feedback System integration

Always get benefits first as VIP customers

1 year of FREE Updates!

Include modules worth of $1200

Only modules - no hacks! Will work after system update.

All modules go with more than 70% of discount!


Easy CRM - 4.3.1

Compatible with: activeCollab 3.x,4.x


Easy CRM is a big solution for activecollab 3 to manage leads and sales with extended user profile data, user social activity, emails history, communications, user files, dates to remember and more features in reliable tool for marketing and sales.

Core Features:

Extend User Profiles

Track Leads & Sales

Save budget history starting from quotes to real projects

Save & Plan all the communications

Upload Files associated only with specific user

See User Social Activity right inside profile

All Email Communications are stored at one place

Dates to Remember - manage and be notified about your customers important dates to congratulate them


Planium Module - 4.3.1

Compatible with: activeCollab 3.x,4.x


Planium brings top-notch project management features like Kanban tasks view with progress bar of each task and Gantt Chart with timeline. Bring your management to the next level with more visibility and effectiveness

Core Features:

Tasks in KanBan and Gantt Chart with Multiple Filters and management options;

Kanban view is saved for each user and can replace native tasks representation;

5 options to group by labels, milestones, category, responsible and custom;

Defined colors based on labels or custom changed by click on note area;

Kanban View in Reports and Projects List with grouping by dates, milestones, labels, responsible and projects filter.

Progress bar for each task based on estimated/logged hours;

Drag, change any option in task, milestone, project on the fly.


ToDo Module - 4.2.10

Compatible with: activeCollab 3.x,4.x


Module allows aC users to plan better with creating mini tasks(ToDo), organize them into categories and convert them into tasks, tickets, comments, or subtasks. My Plan feature will allow to build daily plans for users from project tasks, assignments and/or ToDos.

Core Features:

Planner with notifications(Sound & Email) in advance;

ToDo Assignments with Due Time for each ToDo;

Categorizaton & Filters;

Quick Edit with click on ToDo;

My Plan with plan builder to create daily plans for any user.

ToDo's->Ticket, Tasks Conversion;

Full Localization Support;


Recurring Tasks - 4.2.2

Compatible with: activeCollab 3.x,4.x


Create recurring tasks based on existing tickets, tasks, subtasks, select time period and use flexible schedule options to create tickets and tasks with full content inside. Now you don't need to spend time on everyday simple tasks - your activeCollab system will make it automatically saving your time!

Core Features:

Create recurring tasks with just a few clicks;

3 types of Schedule Options;

Manage templates any time if any of the parameters changes;

Flexible maintenance;

Saves up to 60 hours/month on creating the same tasks;

Create recurring tickets with tasks, and tasks themselves;

Requires Daily Scheduled Tasks be set up & Tickets Module installed.

Full Localization support;


Chat - 4.2

Compatible with: activeCollab 3.x,4.x


activeCollab Chat Module helps you chat, discuss projects, issues and solutions between members and clients in separate tab. Exchange links, save logs, see who is online and send private messages with sound notifications that will make your work easy and productive.

Core Features:

Targeted private messages to any user;

Organizing project chats with limited visibility;

Visual and sound notifications about new messages;

Send offline messages;

Viewing log history by several parameters;

Grouping and displaying offline/online contacts;

Setting up rights to any user group under System Roles.

Full Localization support;


HR Manager - 4.2.9

Compatible with: activeCollab 3.x,4.x


activeCollab HR Manager Module tracks salary (payouts, withdrawals, rates, bonuses) of your team working on fixed monthly or hourly rates (logged time). Manage days off, holidays, birthdays, employment dates. Everything is based on formula defined to manage finances.

Core Features:

Company Overview of all monthly events with description;

Event types management with formula association;

Salary management: payouts, rates, withdraws, bonuses;

Days off management at Calendar Tab;

Permissions tab to assign your company HR manager(Can Manage);

Setting up birthday and employment date at options under Profile page for each employee;

Efficient for companies with hourly and monthly rates salary types based on logged hours and hourly rates;

Full Localization support; Requires Calendar Module.


ShadowViewer - 4.2

Compatible with: activeCollab 3.x,4.x


Allows you login under any activeCollab user being Administrator to see rights and permissions you've set to certain user group. Save up to 70% of your time while testing system.

Note: only for administrator usage for system testing.

Core Features:

Effective when you set up the system;;

Check users permissions to know who can see specific features;

Easy-to-use with only 2 clicks to get to user’s account;

No need to get through login-logout process;

Saves up to 70% of your time while setting up activeCollab.


Private Comments - 4.2.3

Compatible with: activeCollab 3.x,4.x


Add private comments in tasks, discussions, notebooks to share confidential information with your team. Select default comment visibility option in settings

Core Features:

Selected comments can be private;

Clients will never see private comments;

Set default comment visibility in settings;

Change sorting order of comments;

Works with even public forms and objects of activecollab


Converter - 4.1.1

Compatible with: activeCollab 3.x,4.x


aC Converter is a simple objects converter tool with flexible convert settings. It works with tickets, tasks, pages and discussions in any direction providing ability to switch on or off various options whether moving or copying object.

Core Features:

Works with tickets, discussions, pages project objects;

Can be used from 3 places in activeCollab;

Flexible settings;

can_use_converter in system roles;

Main Converter - switch on and off icon in top navigation;

Discounts for current customers.


Auto Login - 4.2

Compatible with: activeCollab 3.x,4.x


Access the system passing login process by clicking on any link sent to you by activecollab in any email notifications. You login with the rights set in your activecollab

Core Features:

User logs in by clicking on any link in email;

User get's straight to the interested object;

User gets to the system as if he uses login form;

Flexible Settings to prevent any user to login at any time;

Don't force users login anymore!


Merger Module - 4.2.5

Compatible with: activeCollab 3.x,4.x


Merge as many tasks/subtasks in one project as you like. Selected objects will merge in main one with full information, assignees, comments, tasks, subscribers, comments. You can also move subtasks between tasks within project

Core Features:

Merge 2 and more tasks and subtasks in one project;

Body information is divided by Tasks' title after merge in main task;

Flexible settings to manage what should be merged in tasks;

Set up default merge options or choose custom when merging;

Notifications are sent to all subscribers when tasks/subtasks are merged;

Choose option if you don't want old tasks to be deleted;

Move subtasks between tasks within 1 project

Full Localization Support;


Email Manager - 4.1.5

Compatible with: activeCollab 3.x,4.x


Manage email notifications globally to define what user roles receive which email notifications by choosing only specific templates to be sent by the system

Core Features:

Control who receives notifications

Remove not necessary emails for your customers

Edit the list of email templates to be sent.


RedirectTo - 4.1

Compatible with: activeCollab 3.x,4.x


Get any user to the interested tab of any project you are assigned to(tasks, tickets, pages, discussions, overview, people, etc) automatically after login

Core Features:

Set each user settings individually;

Let your clients be forwarded to what they are interested;

Eliminate client's adaptation process with this module;

Increase your clients activecollab usage by getting them straight to the project objects.

Bypass routine and unnecessary steps for your clients.